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Serenotex is both a producer and importer of bed and bath textiles for babies and adults. In addition to our own labels, we also supply products under a private label. Inquire about your options.

We work sustainable and use only natural materials. We are a member of BSCI and Accord and possess the necessary Oekotex and GOTS certificates.

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Serenotex brands

View some examples of our labels below. Are you interested in purchasing our products as a wholesaler, marketplace, retailer, web store or dropshipper? We have suitable solutions for you so that you can get started right away. That goes for your prices and the content for your marketing. So please contact us via sales@serenotex.com or call +31(0)53 8200 100.

Download our brochures:
Briljant Baby 2021/2022.pdf
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Briljant Baby

Baby textiles with unique collections and best in basics!

Briljant Baby

Briljant Baby

Connect with Serenotex

Every customer of Serenotex products gets access to the customer portal 'Serenotex Connect'. Since September 2021, we have been developing this portal at a rapid pace to match the rapid online developments. In this portal you can still find the following data in 2021.

  • Access url for the productdatafeed.
  • Realtime stock information.
  • Monthly new content for your marketing
  • Current purchase and sales price information
  • Notification of online pricing or content abuse..

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Wholesale & Retail

Wholesale and retail will be the definition when you purchase our products and keep them in stock yourself. This does not alter the fact that we also have wholesale customers who have products from our range sent to the end customer under their own sender address. You can see this as an additional fulfillment or dropship service for our wholesale and retail customers.

Je ontvangt meer marge op onze producten indien je zelf het voorraadrisico draagt en een gradatie in minimale jaaromzet bij ons hebt bereikt of wanneer je duidelijk kunt onderbouwen dat je deze omzet gaat behalen.

Kortom; Groothandel of retail inkoopprijzen kun je ontvangen na een intake gesprek met ons. Hiervoor komen we graag bij je langs. Neem contact met ons op! Klik hier